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Fully Accredited DMA Members

The Healthcare Partnership is committed to implementing and maintaining the most stringent data security measures, adopting and upholding effective GDPR compliant data management processes throughout our healthcare telemarketing operation and ensuring compliance with all industry regulations (as ICO members). The Healthcare Partnership team can proudly confirm it has now passed the extensive GDPR compliance audit and gained fully accredited Data & Marketing Association member status.

Part of the compliance audit process has required every member of our healthcare telemarketing and tele-research team to complete extensive GDPR training lasting several hours and pass the extensive the online assessment.

GDPR compliance benefits for The Healthcare Partnership and the wide range of pharmaceutical, medical devices and medical technology organisations we work with, can be significant and include:

  1. Increased trust and credibility
  2. Better understanding of the data that’s being collected and how it is managed
  3. Easier business process automation
  4. Improved data management processes and documentation
  5. Protected and enhanced business and brand reputation
  6. An even privacy policy playing field

HCP Email Address Capture And Communication Opt-In Consent List Building

There has been an increased demand for our email consent capturing services since COVID, towards helping our healthcare clients to go one step further beyond relying upon legitimate interests alone as a legal basis for contact with healthcare professionals. The Healthcare Partnership telemarketing team has delivered numerous telemarketing based campaigns for UK and global market leading healthcare organisations, that are seeking to obtain email address capture and communication opt-in consents. We have enjoyed opt-in email consent rates of between 10-30% spanning primary care, secondary care consultants and other clinicians, pharmacy and nursing staff. We have a tried and tested process for smooth set up and execution of such telemarketing campaigns.

For more information on how The Healthcare Partnership team can help you to build a dependable GDPR compliant opt-in email communications consent audience, get in touch.