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Optimising established product sales post launch through telemarketing

We tailor our specialised telemarketing and tele-research services to meet your product’s needs throughout its life cycle as the challenges and opportunities change. Working together, our aim is optimising established product sales, engagement, insight and brand performance.

We pride ourselves in our professional approach across diverse therapy areas and customers. Our teams are recruited and trained to be experts in working digitally and have the demonstrated their competence to work in this way by building strong valued relationships which ultimately deliver results.

Below is an example of how our specialised telemarketing and tele-research services help in optimising established product sales which combined with our insight driven approach has delivered a positive post launch sales uplift.


  • Working to help the brand team who were launching an established product into a new therapy area with a secondary care specialist customer base
  • Essential to work with the brand team to understand their launch strategy objectives and timelines
  • Company had identified their need to better understand the local and national key opinion leaders. Also to determine the sphere of influence for this new therapy area and to identify new customers who would be influential from a clinical and payer perspective. No company relationships with this group of customers and thus they had limited access to rare disease consultants and sales team were experiencing difficulty in obtaining appointments
  • Company database of healthcare physicians and peripheral contacts was identified as in need of an update and validation
  • There was a company imperative to launch the product rapidly in this therapy area and maximise uptake

Client Feedback

I am just e mailing to congratulate you and your team on not just hitting the target of
appointments but smashing it. So far you are 137% of target with just 59% of time gone.
This is a great result. So far, we have got over 100 appointments both face to face and departmental meetings. We have used other companies in the past and have not seen this amount of passion and professionalism and of course success. The whole package that you provide has been such a high standard, from the reports to your own enthusiasm on this project. Keep it going and I’m sure we will double the initial target.
Just to add, I have been really pleased with the new campaign with over 20 new appointments, 7 of these are departmental meetings which are very important to selling this product. All this within a week, I know our brand manager will be happy on her return from holiday. Well done to all the team."


  • Healthcare Partnership intelligence was used to update customer target list across 20 priority CCGs/Health Boards
  • 2 Healthcare Partnership tele-representatives  were deployed for 60 days over 3 months
  • 3-month tele marketing campaign focused on a mixed group including CCGs (Payers) and healthcare physicians including Consultants (Orthopaedics, Trauma, Plastics and Rheumatology) and Hand Therapists


  • 90% of the 20 CCG/Health Boards were fully engaged (others partially)
  • Full database of key healthcare physicians were validated and enriched across all accounts.
  • 176 new contacts identified and added to the database who were influential in the therapy area
  • 148 appointments were booked versus a campaign target of 90. Thus  achieved 164% of the target
  • Key messages were delivered to 82% of the healthcare physician target list
  • By building relationships with this new customer group our passionate and professional telemarketing team were able to establish customer relationships for the sales and marketing team and went the extra mile to ensure success of the project

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