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Delivering specialised telemarketing for the healthcare industry – Working in partnership with healthcare organisations to optimise engagement, insight and brand performance.

Delivering telemarketing services for the healthcare industry, including tele-research, analytical and digital support services.

Delivering specialised telemarketing for the healthcare industry,
Delivering specialised telemarketing for the healthcare industry,

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Lead Generation

HCP Email Consent Capturing


Key Message Delivery

Appointment Booking


Contact List Building

Database Enrichment

Influence Mapping

Event Attendee Registration

Account Management

telemarketing for the healthcare industry
telemarketing for the healthcare industry

Delivering specialised telemarketing and tele-research services for the healthcare industry for over a decade.

The Healthcare Partnership provides specialist telemarketing and tele-research based sales and marketing services for the healthcare industry. This is coupled with salesforce effectiveness consultancy to support and drive your brand implementation plans.
The Healthcare Partnership is made up of a highly experienced pharmaceutical sales and marketing management and a team of professional industry experienced telemarketers and tele-researchers.

The Healthcare Partnership has over ten years experience delivering specialised telemarketing and tele-research support for the healthcare industry – working from Brighton & Hove situated offices, supporting the face to face interactions of sales and marketing teams. We have over this time recruited and trained our team to excel in this way of working. We pride ourselves on building relevant and strong professional relationships with all of our customers.

The Healthcare Partnership realises that in today’s very competitive environment it’s necessary to thoroughly understand our clients’ brand strategies. Working synergistically with clients facilitates optimal service delivery and as such brands achieving or exceeding their goals.

The Healthcare Partnership works collaboratively with clients. The team ensures they are an integral part of the brand team and as such offer a seamless view to healthcare professionals.

This, coupled with clear and rapid feedback on data via timely reporting systems, enables clients to respond quickly to valuable insight and tailor and adjust campaigns accordingly.

Clients who have engaged with The Healthcare Partnership tell us they really value our collaborative approach and that it is a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic and professional supporting team that always goes the extra mile.

The Healthcare Partnership are fully accredited corporate members of the Data & Marketing Association, which involves passing an in-depth compliance audit regards GDPR and full in-depth and assessed ongoing GDPR training of all employees.

Our healthcare experience and expertise is extensive and covers many areas of the healthcare industry. Our tele-representatives are a professional, industry leading team who are carefully selected and hired to match your campaign objectives and cultural fit. Having a big Pharma background I select team members based on the high standards I became accustomed to during my earlier career and extensive training.

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Do you need an established, healthcare industry specialised and experienced telemarketing and tele-research company to help support and deliver campaigns?


Would you like to receive regular, clear reporting and insights throughout the campaign to help you flex and deliver optimum results?


Do you want excellent client relationship management and a team that goes the extra mile to give you success and deliver the results you need?

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