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Accelerate Sales Performance

We are a very efficient and effective team that works with clients and customers to deliver and often over achieve on expectations.

accelerate sales performance - The Healthcare Partnership
accelerate sales performance - The Healthcare Partnership

The Healthcare Partnership has many examples that highlight how our telemarketing support can accelerate sales performance resulting in positive growth for healthcare brands. This has been seen at all stages of the product life cycle from launch brands to revitalising and growing market share for mature brands.We have worked in many therapy areas and with a diverse set of customers.

Our success is based on a wide range of initiatives and campaigns that we have worked on to implement at a professional level.

The Healthcare Partnership team aim to be seen as a seamless arm of the client company. We work in collaboration with our clients to achieve this. Understanding client strategy and giving timely and relevant insight and feedback is key to our success.

The Healthcare Partnership has over a decade of experience of working remotely and as such has fine tuned the skills and competencies needed to be successful in this arena. We have a very high set of standards that we recruit to ensure we maintain our professional approach.

With the change of focus in the NHS towards more digital interactions this experience is even more imperative. Our expertise can help clients and customers as they adapt and adjust their approach to this changing environment.

We regularly and consistently exceed our project KPIs and deliver accelerated growth for clients. We pride ourselves on identifying key customers contacting and delivering appropriate brand messages in a customer focused way. Our teams ensure that they are respectful of customers time and priorities. Our aim is for our customer relationship to be mutually respected and valued.

In summary, we are a very efficient and effective team that works with clients and customers to accelerate sales performance and deliver or over achieve on expectations and budgets.

Engaging with The Healthcare Partnership will enable you to achieve superior results due to our attention to detail, processes, and our carefully selected and professional team who are committed to go the extra mile.


“I am just emailing to congratulate you and your team on not just hitting the target of appointments but smashing it. So far you are 137% of target with just 59% of time gone (3-month campaign). This is a great result. So far, we have got over 100 appointments, both F2F/departmental meetings. We have used other companies in the past and have not seen this amount passion and professionalism and of course success. The whole package that you provide has been such a high standard, from the reports to your own enthusiasm on this project. Just to add, I have been really pleased with the new campaign with over 20 new appointments, 7 of these are departmental meetings which are very important to selling this product. All of this within a week, I know our brand manager will be happy on her return from holiday. Well done to all the team.”

“A significant number of precious insights have been gathered across multiple campaigns and audiences spanning the NHS nationwide; new business opportunities have been generated; pipelines validated; the CRM database of decision making contacts has been significantly enhanced and much more besides (e.g. positive company PR and customer experience enhancing feedback loop in between rep visits).”

“The highly experienced healthcare telemarketing team at The Healthcare Partnership have positively exceeded the healthcare professional engagement level targets and more importantly, over-achieved in relation to the commercial KPIs (based on growth targets and booked appointments), referring to the likes of IMS brick level data and ultimately the more specific ePACT data for measurement of results. Using a combined inbound and outbound sales lead generation campaign approach, we generated and converted sales leads amounting to significant value.”

“Using The Healthcare Partnership is a massive cost saving to our business as the “sales team” are a very expensive resource for telemarketing. The-HCP gives the ability to use an agency to give similar results as sales team in a prospecting function for the fraction of the cost due to volume of calls. Also the level of stakeholders that The-HCP can access exceeds all expectations and the team Duane uses are of an exceptional quality.”

“Besides the growth related targets being over-achieved, significant numbers of high quality appointments and meetings have also been booked with a multitude of healthcare professionals and practices. The campaigns have also been generating significant and high quality market insights and positive PR for the company and brands concerned.”

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