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Effective coverage of large geographical areas and difficult to access customer groups


  • Limited access to rare disease consultants.
  • Need to launch new product fast.
  • Need to promote new indication for established product.
  • Secondary care field force struggling to book appointments.
  • Database of HCPs and peripheral contacts (incl. PA’s) in need of update.


  • Healthcare Partnership intelligence used to update customer target list across 20 priority CCGs/Health Boards.
  • 2 Healthcare Partnership tele-representatives deployed for 60 days over 3 months.
  • 3-month campaign focused on a mixed group including CCGs (Payers) and HCPs including Consultants (Orthopaedics, Trauma, Plastics and Rheumatology) and Hand Therapists.


  • 90% of the 20 CCG/Health Boards fully engaged (others partially).
  • Full database of key HCPs validated and enriched across all accounts.
  • Key messages delivered to 82% of HCP target list.
  • 176 new contacts identified and added to database.
  • 148 appointments booked versus campaign target of 90 = 164% target achievement.
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